What does it mean for a congregation to be growing? Thriving? A place that makes a difference? The resources below study the four different signs of congregational health.

Four marks of vitality: This is an overview of the four indicators of congregational vitality.


Turning Point: Fostering Greater Congregational Vitality is an 18-month guided learning process in which six to ten congregations from across the Southeastern Iowa Synod will engage together in listening, learning, and experimenting within their congregations and communities. This process includes both a financial commitment and the commitment of a learning team who will work the process from beginning to end. While the Office of the Bishop cannot answer specifically what outcome will arise as a result of the process, it can be stated with certainty that there will be transformation in the learning team and beyond and that congregational vitality will be equipped to bring this transformation to the congregation as a whole.

If your congregation has been considering applying for Turning Point but need more information? You can check out the recorded informational session or contact Pastor Erika Uthe: 319-338-1273 or [email protected].


Congregational Vitality: 4-part curriculum can be used with church councils, adult forums, bible studies or more. Written by Bishop Michael Burk, Deacon Jodi Schuman, and Pastor Erika Uthe it contains an overview of the congregational health, bible study activities, assessment questions and link to download further resources to dig deeper. Download the resource