By Val Harlynn, Communications

I have received several requests in the last few days about equipment to “step-up” recorded or live-streamed worship. I have been hesitant to offer advice as each congregation has unique needs. There is no one size fits all hardware or software package. Buying a box light and clip-on mic for a cell phone might be a big improvement, or you can buy a pan, tilt, zoom camera that hooks into your existing sound system or hire a production crew. All are valid upgrades and all come at very different price points.

There is also the consideration of “appropriate technology,” a term I am borrowing from international development.  Investing in better audiovisual equipment for online worship can be useful if you have the people and knowledge to use it efficiently and properly. When discussing what investments your congregation may make in technology, spend some time realistically discerning if there are enough financial, but also human, resources to run, maintain, and when the time comes, upgrade the technology.

As you look for upgrades to your system, Google searches yield lots of results of companies offering helpful articles that highlight their goods and services. There are two pretty good articles to research more about setting up a more permanent system for your technology needs, but remember they are published by companies:

Church Sound: Setting Up Simple Effective Streaming of Worship: This article is a nice overview of what you might need to get started.

Livestreaming Church Services with an Online Video Platform:  This longer article is a great reference for including discussion of platforms, hardware, software, and budgeting.

Disclaimer: links, articles, tools, and blog posts shared are not necessarily an endorsement from the Office of Bishop. They are merely a sharing of resources and news. 


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