By Val Harlynn, Associate for Communications

During this time, frequent communication is important. I know many people are trying out new technologies and ways of connecting while we can’t physically be together.  This is a way to share news and information from the Office of Bishop that has developed since eNews, which is published on Mondays. See recent eNews emails in the archive here

At-Home Worship Resources

Melissa Moll, a member at Zion Lutheran Church in Iowa City has written rites for Sundays and Seasons and has graciously shared some at-home worship resources for Holy Week.

These resources are provided for use under a Creative Commons license so you may share and adapt them as you’d like as long as you attribute the author (already on the document) and don’t use them for commercial purposes.

These are a great way to gather while we are apart for at-home worship.


Some Websites to check out

Canva – Easy social media designs and ideas. There are lots of free elements to use, there are also some paid options.

Loom – is a simple tool to record a video of your computer screen and record yourself at the same time. The videos are then automatically posted online for easy sharing and no upload time.


Video and Audio hardware and software for live streaming or recording

Below is a list of ideas for stepping up your pre-recorded or live streaming events with very little financial investment.


  • For Mac
    • iMovie: tested and true simple drag and drop editor.


  • Your smartphone your phone’s camera is probably the best camera you have. Use the rear-facing camera when you can, it’s the better camera. If you can, prop the phone up to keep it still. Film sideways (in landscape).
  • Computer built-in webcam these lag behind phones but are often very good.
  • Extra lights the light should be in front of you and be direct but softer, and reflected back at you if possible. If the light is too direct try covering with paper or light-colored cloth, or reflect it (think tin foil.). Watch for heat if using older lamps.
  • Headphones with built-in mic you probably already have a pair of earbuds or headphones with a microphone in the cord, for example, Apple earbuds. These make a big difference in audio quality. Just plug into your computer or smartphone. If using Bluetooth headphones, they need to be high quality to avoid lag.


  • Phone tripod or phone adapter for a traditional tripod  There are desktop versions and taller standing tripods.
  • Basic webcam (bonus if it can be attached to a tripod) look for something that does at least 720p resolution to really step-up the quality from your webcam. Autofocus is nice if you plan to stand or be further away from the camera.
  • Lapel mic for a phone (there are lots of options for these on Amazon) Many of these are plug and play. These use a 3.5mm jack, so you may need an adapter for newer iPhones or USB-C Androids. They change the quality of your voice a great deal and many come with at least 10ft of cord so you can stand and still be heard well.
  • Ring lights are LED lights made to distribute light, these can range from very inexpensive to hundreds of dollars.

Disclaimer: links, articles, tools and blog posts shared are not necessarily an endorsement from the Office of Bishop. They are merely a sharing of resources and news. 

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