The Tri-Synodical Fall Conference will be held in West Des Moines, September 22-24, 2019. Deacons Jeremy Myers from Augsburg University and Chelle Huth from United Seminary will serve as keynote speakers under the theme Faith Formation as Shared Mission.

They write about this theme, “Faith formation is the mission of the church. It is a responsibility we all share regardless of age, abilities, and gifts. Historically, faith formation has started inside the congregation: in our core beliefs, in our worship, in our stories. We are in a new day and age in which faith formation must begin outside our congregation, in our communities as we seek to proclaim good news in the public square for the common good.” The conference will be broken into four sessions:

  • Proclaiming Good News (Faith Formation as forming people to receive, trust, and share the good news)
  • Proclaiming Good News in Public (Faith formation as a public act)
  • Proclaiming Good News in Public Together (Faith formation as an intergenerational/congregational endeavor)
  • Proclaiming Good News in Public Together in New Ways (Faith formation as innovation and risk-taking)

ELCA Secretary Chris Boerger will also be present and will both present at a session and preach and preside at the Monday evening worship service.

Registration will open online in early July. The event is open to pastors and deacons as well as congregational program staff in the Northeastern Iowa, Southeastern Iowa, and Western Iowa Synods.

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