Imagine this scene playing out in your fellowship hall: people from age two to 95 sharing M&Ms together, Scripture story read by the fourth-grader and acted out by everyone, caring conversations between children and adults who aren’t related, God’s Spirit imprinting generosity on hearts.
This was exactly the scene on Saturday, September 6 at Zion Lutheran Church in Muscatine where about 30 people from four congregations ranging in age from two to 81 gathered to experience The Generosity Project (TGP).
Thanks to a generous grant from the Stewardship of Life Institute, the Southeastern Iowa Synod brought Linda Staats, the creator of TGP, for the pilot workshop that takes a fresh look at faith formation in the congregation with an emphasis on generosity.

“TGP is really about living into the gift of what it means to be church, to be the last place in our culture where people from all the generations gather together. We have never had the ability to gather seven generations of people and we are called to utilize the gifts and learn from each one,” Staats said about the process of creating TGP.

TGP is a six-module curriculum resource that focuses on creating generous stewards across the generations and works to integrate faith and home and can be used in multiple ways within the life of the congregation.
The next introductory workshop is scheduled for Saturday, November 9th from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at Memorial Lutheran Church in Nevada. Each participating congregation is invited to bring a small group (5-10) of members from different generations to experience the material and get a feel for how it can be implemented locally.

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To find out more about TGP, or to schedule to host an introductory workshop, please contact Pastor Erika
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