Congr13920254_10209033104217587_6386142286425744435_oegations all over Southeastern Iowa participated in outreach and ministry through Vacation Bible School. This summer more than 8000 participants attended VBS in our synod. These children served their communities by helping veterans, homeless families, people with disabilities, local food pantries, emergency shelters, global ministries, pet programs, the Southeastern Iowa Synod, and many more.

VBS formats were varied: intergenerational, community and ecumenical efforts, lead by volunteers, or camp counselors, Congregations were also varied in the way VBS was delivered, mornings, afternoons, all day, one week, or spread out over a number of weeks and more.

The scope and reach of the VBS ministries across our synod shows the wide variety of ways we can reach out with the good news of Jesus. As varied as our formats, kids, and service projects, so are our talents and skills being used for ministry. We would 13698000_10154372812646151_5327966917013383758_o invite you, as congregations around our synod begin Sunday school and other programming, to pray that seeds which were planted this summer take root and grow.img_3385img_2256file_006-1vbs-2016-sundayvbs2016-20

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