Iowa Interfaith Power & Light released “A Statement by Religious Leaders in Iowa on Global Climate Change,” which was signed by 56 clergy and other faith leaders representing 13 different religious traditions and 42 congregations or organizations in Iowa.

The statement reads, in part, “Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing our world today, and as religious leaders representing diverse faith traditions we are called to reaffirm our commitment to be responsible stewards of Earth’s resources and to act in love toward our neighbors both locally and globally.”


Rev. Dr. Jim Martin-Schramm, Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah and Board President of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light said, “Climate change is already happening and poses great harm to all who are poor and vulnerable on Earth.  I am pleased that so many religious leaders in Iowa are asking their faith communities to face this reality and grapple with its many challenges.”


Rev. Susan Guy, Executive Director of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light said that the goal for releasing this statement so close to the celebration of Earth Day is to draw attention to the fact that care for Earth is something held in common by diverse faith traditions. “Through all of our differences, one thing that we share together is a call to love and care for our neighbors. How we live today matters not only for those we share the planet with today, but for future generations as well. We hope that our political leaders will stop seeing climate change as an economic issue that divides us, but as a moral issue that unites us.” The statement was shared with members of the Iowa legislature.


The full statement and signatories can be found here:


Religious leaders who would like to sign the statement may do so by contacting Rev. Susan Guy at [email protected].


About Iowa Interfaith Power & Light

Launched in October of 2006, Iowa Interfaith Power & Light is a joint response of Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other faith communities to Climate Change. We work to protect the Earth and safeguard society’s most vulnerable by providing education about climate change and its impacts, assisting individuals and congregations with carbon footprint reductions, and advocating towards sustainable policies at all levels of government.  We are currently working with over 300 congregations in the state of Iowa and have over 2,000 people subscribed to our monthly newsletter.

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