How big are the blocks of the temple? What color is the wilderness? What does the wind on the Sea of Galilee feel like? While we can learn a lot about Christ’s life and death from scripture, there are a lot of details we can only know from first-hand experience.

Here’s your chance! On September 11-25, 2015, members of the Southeastern Iowa Synod are making a pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine. Pastor Dan Kuckuck (St. Stephen, Urbandale) hosts this trip along with Monte Luker, Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at Lenoir-Rhyne University and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

“When we read scripture, our imaginations run wild. We build the setting for these stories of faith in our minds. We each have our own imaginative understanding of the wilderness, the Sea of Galilee, the Jerusalem temple, and the people. When I first traveled to the Holy Land with Dr. Luker in 2010, my imagination became deeper and more detailed. I know what color the wilderness is. I’ve seen the shoreline of the sea of Galilee. I know how big the blocks of the temple are. I know what the people look like. Now, when I read scripture, it’s with a depth and knowledge I wouldn’t have had before. Don’t miss this trip – it will deepen your faith life, for sure.” Pastor Dan Kuckuck

For more information, contact Pastor Dan Kuckuck (515-276-4628 / [email protected]) or follow this link:

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