Southeastern Iowa Synod Digital Ministry Grants

The Southeastern Iowa Synod has received a grant from the ELCA COVID-19 Fund for another round of digital ministry grants. These grants will be made to congregations and ministries that demonstrate need and are looking toward digital or hybrid ministry even when returning to in-person activities.

Digital ministry grant applications open on Monday, May 10 are available in amounts ranging from $100 to $1000. The application period will close Tuesday, June 1, 2021 


Congregations, organizations, and ecumenical groups on the territory of the synod are encouraged to apply for a grant. These will be entities that are engaged in or seek to be engaged in connecting to their communities, worshipping, or other ministry through the use of technology. Emphasis will be placed on increasing or sustaining the ongoing capacity for digital ministry even when public health precautions allow for in-person gatherings.

Examples of projects these grants could fund (but are not limited to): online meeting software subscriptions (such as upgrading Zoom accounts from free to paid accounts), purchase or upgrade of camera or sound equipment, copyright licenses, outdoor worship equipment like FM transmitters or sound equipment, upgrading networking equipment or increasing bandwidth to enable livestreaming from a church building, video editing services or software, website development, email marketing, social media marketing, training for staff or volunteers in technology or online ministry.

Priority will be made to applications that demonstrate need and will match grant funds with local money.



Grants ranging from $100 to $1000 will be awarded to those demonstrating on the

application that the grant will be used to sustain or increase the capacity of digital ministry through local efforts. Specific details regarding hoped-for goals and outcomes and timelines for completion will be a significant factor in awarding the grant. All projects must be directed toward digital ministry on the territory of the Southeastern Iowa Synod.



Grant applications will be received in the Office of the Bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod starting on Monday, May 10. The Application period will remain open until June 1. Recipients of grant funds will be notified by June 11.


Grant recipients will be expected to share stories regarding the use of the funds with this synod so that they may be included in various publications and media. Photographs and videos, as well as personal interest stories, are encouraged.

For more information contact:

Val Harlynn, Associate for Communications

[email protected]


Digital Ministry Grant Application June (PDF)

Digital Ministry Grants Application June (.docx)

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