Pray. Learn. Act.

Individually and together, pray for those who flee their homelands out of fear and threat of danger. Pray especially for displaced children. Pray for those who serve on the border, including border patrol and the staff of transitional facilities and pray for those with the authority to shape and enact policy that is both just and compassionate.

Visit the ELCA’s website to learn more about our response to the crisis on the border and find resources to share with your congregation.
Read how LIRS is responding to the crisis at the border and individuals and congregations can help.
Read the summary of the ELCA leaders visit to the border –  Summary from the ELCA Leaders’ visit to the border and Rev. Stephen Bouman’s reflection on Lutheran Disaster Response’s blog.

Give to Lutheran Disaster response –
Participate in welcoming efforts that may be underway in your local community. Engage neighbors who may hold different views on how best to respond, actively listening toward the goal of discovering common ground. Advocate for a less politicized approach to immigration reform.

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