Nearly 100 national Christian leaders released a pastoral letter to President Obama and the leaders of Congress calling for an end to the political brinksmanship that is slowing the nation’s economy recovery. The letter asks both the Democrats and Republicans to replace poverty with opportunity.


The letter represents the latest effort by the Circle of Protection to protect programs that serve the poor and vulnerable from devastating budget cuts. It is also a call for elected officials to create a proactive, long-term strategy for addressing poverty and hunger that reduces the deficit, grows the economy, and expands economic opportunity for all God’s children.


The full text of the letter, quotes from several leaders and a full list of signatories to the pastoral letter is available at . Pastors and members of congregations in the Southeastern Iowa Synodcan join Bishop Burk by adding their signature to the letter by clicking here.


Article written by Pr. Paul Ostrem, Assistant to the Bishop

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