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Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton sent a pastoral message calling our 3.8 million-member church to talk about racism and racial justice, and to work toward reconciliation. “Because of God’s promise, we can and must have a deep, honest and even painful conversation about racism,” she says. The message is available as a Youtube video and as a PDF document, which includes a list of resources. 
The Southeastern Iowa Synod’s anti-racism task force is available to help congregations enter into conversation about racism and racial justice. We cannot wait until more racial events are reported before we talk. The Southeastern Iowa Synod is equipped to help connect you with resources and facilitators trained in anti-racism and racial justice ministry. Together we can build up the community of Christ and take proactive steps in uniting people and bridging racial and cultural separations. Contact the synod office at 319-338-1273 or


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