The 28th Assembly of the Southeastern Iowa Synod was held May 29 – May 30, 2016, at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, Iowa.  Over 450 voting members and guests gathered around the theme “In the Name of Jesus.”

Pastor Wyvetta Bullock served as the churchwide representative providing updates and stories of the work we do together as the ELCA and delivered a sermon during worship on Saturday Morning, May 30th. 

The primary business of this year’s assembly was election of synod council members and churchwide voting members as well as several resolutions. 

Bishop Michael Burk presided over the assembly, including the Friday evening service of Holy Communion. In his report, Bishop Burk provided highlights of our shared ministry since we last gathered in assembly, providing his assessment of the ways we called to live and serve “In the Name of Jesus.”

Randy Willman was elected Synod Council Secretary

Adam Sacia, Pr. Mark Urluab, Deanne Bennett, Pr. Josh Martyn, Janice McElvain, Pr. Erika Uthe were elected to positions on the synod council.

 Loteguluaki Langai, Noah Niermann, Jose Rodriguez, Isaac Stich, Awoke Dilusso, Hunter Collins, Pr. Pat Fish, Pr. Tim Smith, Pr. Kristine Dohrmann, Pr. Minna Quint, Pr. Paul Finger, Pr. Kathy Roys, Pr. Gemechisa Mosa, Marta Bauer, Deanne Bennett, Jodi Schumann, Alysse Trenkamp were elected as voting members to the 2016 churchwide assembly in New Orleans, LA.

Special guests, Pastor Paul Oman and the Heartland Youth Choir encouraged participants to use their unique gifts for ministry. Pastor Oman, did two live paintings during plenary sessions and worship. 

Resolutions adopted included: 1) Peace Not Walls: a resolution encouraging those in the Southeastern Iowa Synod to learn, pray, and act around issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; 2) Life of Faith initiative which encourages the priesthood of all believers, and life on ministry within churches; 3) Southeastern Iowa synod will support the Always Being Made New Campaign for the ELCA and will undertake a synod campaign; 4) A resolution of thanksgiving for the assembly and various ministries of the Southeastern Iowa Synod. Visit the 2015 Synod Assembly website for the full text of resolutions.

Other business included the approval of the 2016 synod budget and minimum compensation guidelines. Congregations and rostered leaders celebrating anniversaries were celebrated and voting members took advantage of the many forums and organizational displays that were offered during assembly. The synod assembly offering was designated to synod hunger ministries$3,019.37 was given by congregations and individuals.

Visit the 2014 Synod Assembly website  for more details about the assembly and to access recordings, photos, and texts.

The 2016 Assembly of the Southeastern Iowa Synod will be held May 6-7 2016, at Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Coralville, IA.

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