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See the 2021 Mission Spending Plan

Your congregation is your home base, a missional outpost to do God’s work. As every disciple yearns to grow in Christ, so too do congregations yearn to do more in the world. It is part of our calling – the Great Commission. Mission support is one way you can do both – sharing God’s love and generosity by blessing others and extending the impact of your congregation around the country and the world. In this way, you experience the power of being networked with more than 10,000 ministries and partners.

As your congregation prepares a spending plan for 2021, reflect on the ways your congregation spreads the good news of Jesus Christ to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world. How is our identity as a church in the Lutheran tradition a driver for your congregation’s plan in the coming year? Consider the ways the resources you allocate for ministry reflect our trust that God’s Spirit is active and transforms the lives of others.

Mission Support

As members of the ELCA, our faith in a loving God frees us to be generous and to boldly participate in God’s work in the world. Stewardship is not simply about paying the church’s bills. It is about how congregations can together live out God’s call to love our neighbor. We are open to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to participate in and contribute to God’s work in the world using all of the gifts that God has entrusted to our care. Mission Support — the portion of offerings that ELCA congregations share with synods and the churchwide organization — unites us in this vital, life-giving work. See our 2021 Spending Plan for more details about mission support. 

53.5% of the mission support we receive goes to the churchwide organization.

Through that support, we are partners in providing 80 percent of the resources that enable the ELCA to begin new ministries and accompany existing congregations as growing centers for evangelical mission. These funds also provide the staff and resources for the development of new leaders, partnership with churches around the globe, alleviating poverty, working for justice and peace, and so much more.

46.5% of the mission support we receive goes to synod ministries.

This synod provides direct grants to ministry partners, provides ministry to and in partnership with congregations, pastors and other rostered leaders, as well as global companions.

The ELCA’s evangelical and missional witness invites generous giving.

Individuals and congregations are encouraged to increase Mission Support through their decisions and actions. Synods and the churchwide organization share these Mission Support dollars through our work in the expressions of the church. With our hands, we do God’s work of restoring and reconciling communities throughout the world. The following communication tools can aid your congregation in telling the story of our work in the world in the name Jesus Christ:

 Additional Resources for congregations