Rostered Minister Report to the Bishop

Each year, pastors and deacons are asked to complete a report and submit the form to the synodical bishop. To access the forms click here. Please use the appropriate form that matches your roster category and status.

Please note: it is possible to lose your work or send blank forms. The following instructions are helpful tips to fill out your report and prevent blank forms.

      1. Click this link and select the report that fits your category of rostered minister status from the ELCA churchwide website.
      2. Download the appropriate PDF to your computer. When you click the link the download process should start. If it does not start automatically you can right-click the link and select “save” or “save link as”  IMPORTANT: If the PDF appears in a new tab in your internet browser (explorer, chrome, firefox, safari) it has NOT been downloaded to your computer. Do not fill it out from your browser, your work will be lost.
      3. To save the PDF your computer either click the save icon on the screen where the form appears or right-click the document with your cursor and select “save” as or “save link as.”
      4. Open the local copy (the one saved on your computer) of the PDF in either acrobat reader (Windows) or Preview (Mac). Don’t have Adobe Reader? Get it here.
      5. Fill out the form.
      6. Select Save and rename the form something unique and identifiable such as FirstName_LastName_Report_2021
      7. Email your document as a PDF to Bishop Amy Current, [email protected]

If you experience technical difficulties with the online form or prefer a paper copy, you may request a blank form to be mailed to you by contacting the Southeastern Iowa Synod Center for Ministry at 319.338.1273 or by e-mailing Val Harlynn, [email protected]

Please submit your completed form directly to Bishop Amy Current by February 15, 2021

E-mail:  [email protected]

or Mail: 

Bishop Amy Current
2635 Northgate Drive
Iowa City, IA  52245

Thank you for your time and effort in completing this important form and blessings on your ministries.