For Pastors Considering Interim Ministry

Congregations in the synod from time to time are in need of pastors who are willing to serve in interim capacities both on a full-time and a part-time basis.  Placements of interim pastors depend both upon the availability of those willing to serve and the needs and circumstances of the given congregation.  Interim ministry training can be helpful but is not required for those who serve as interim pastors.  Information about training events from two organizations is available through NALIP (National Association for Lutheran Interim Pastors) at and The Interim Ministry Network at www.imnedu.orgPastor Duane Miller ([email protected]) is available to provide general information about interim ministry and about these two organizations and the kind of training they provide.

The synod cannot guarantee continued employment for those who desire to be interim pastors, even those who have invested time and resources for interim ministry training.  Synod council calls may be issued to pastors who have active status on the roster of ordained clergy and who serve at least half-time as an interim pastor.  These calls end with the completion of interim service in a given congregation.  Retired clergy who serve as interim pastors serve under contact with the congregation but without a synod council call.  All interim agreements are signed by the interim pastor, a representative of the congregation, and the synod bishop.  All three parties have the authority to terminate the agreement with thirty day’s notice.

For further information about interim ministry opportunities in the Southeastern Iowa Synod, 319-338-1273.