Stewardship ministry in the Southeastern Iowa Synod is faithfully carried out in congregations.  The Office of Bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod seeks to provide encouragement, training, and resources for stewardship leaders in congregations.

Fall 2022 Stewardship Resources

This four-week stewardship resource follows the weekly lectionary from October 2 through October 23 and contains background information, worship resources, and questions for reflection.

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Fall 2021 Stewardship Resources


Do you want your congregation to improve financially? There is are tools and resources to help. Resourceful Servants is a tool and website your congregation can use to help grow the confidence of your members by proactively engaging in a review of your financial systems. Through using best practices, your congregation signals to members that your congregation is worthy of donations and conveys that accountability, transparency, professionalism, and impact of gifts are serious considerations.

Watch a testimonial from Rev. Dan Solomon, Augustana Lutheran Church, Boone, Iowa

Additional Resources

If you have suggestions for a stewardship resource you have found to be helpful, have an inspiring storing to tell, are interested in a resource grant please contact Pr. Erika Uthe at [email protected] or by calling 319-338-1273.