Stewardship ministry in the Southeastern Iowa Synod is faithfully carried out in congregations. 

The Office of Bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod seeks to provide encouragement, training, and resources for stewardship leaders in congregations. 

Generosity 365 – is an online resource from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center, which provides an annual stewardship campaign, monthly Bible studies, worship resources, small group studies, and stewardship resources for youth and children. The office of the Bishop will provide a no-cost subscription to any congregation that requests one. You can request a subscription for your congregation online using the form below. 

What’s included Generosity 365? 

    1. A quarterly electronic magazine entitled Giving.  Articles focus on current topics for congregations including missional perspectives, education, communication, giving, new practices and reaching future generations.
    2. An annual stewardship emphasis titled Devoted to Generosity. Resources around this theme include Scripture and worship, children/youth/adult studies, storytelling, generational approaches, letters, electronic giving, and website/social media templates.
    3. A digital stewardship library provides access to ESC resources curated over the last twenty years.  This includes theme materials, response methods, and a few videos from recent ESC conferences.

Additional Resources

If you have suggestions for a stewardship resource you have found to be helpful, have an inspiring storing to tell, are interested in a resource grant please contact Pr. Erika Uthe at [email protected] or by calling 319-338-1273.