Please pray for…

For Pastor Susan Bantz and family at the death of her mother.
For Pastor Bill and Jane Runaas at the death at Jane’s father.
Pastor Connie Spitzack and family at the death of her mother.

Prayers for December 
The synod encourages congregations to continue praying during Sunday worship for the renewal of the church by praying for congregations of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, other synods, and people throughout the world.

December 2
First Sunday of Advent Give thanks and praise for God’s promises fulfilled in the gift of Jesus Christ, a gift for all humanity that changed everything and continues to stir faith, newness of spirit, peace, compassion and justice in the world.

December 9
Praise God for the good news of Jesus Christ, our savior who comes to us in the wilderness and darkness of the world to bring light, truth and salvation for all.

December 16
Pray the Holy Spirit will strengthen and embolden us to invite others to have faith in the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and to be compelling witnesses to God’s ways, truth, justice and mercy in the world.

December 23
God’s presence and the ways in which the Holy Spirit works in our lives can catch us by surprise and unprepared just as it did pregnant Elizabeth and Mary. Ask God to open our hearts, minds and senses to the amazing, subtle and life-changing things that God is accomplishing in the world, often through us.

December 30

We gather in congregations to worship God, learn, grow in faith and care for and equip one another for living as followers of Christ in the world. Pray we each contribute to the vitality of our faith community, strive for unity, and help each other move beyond the walls of our buildings and into our communities and world with a fervor to serve our neighbor and share the gospel.

For additional prayers please visit the  ELCA Prayer Center.