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Transforming White Privilege materials

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Tips for getting the most out of Transforming White Privilege:

  • Read pages 1-8 of the participant handbook before the session starts. This provides helpful background, setup, and expectations as we move into a two-day learning session.
  • Worksheets from the participant handbook will be referenced. You will want the sheets readily accessible, whether in electronic or print format. The pages used are as follows:
    • Module B – pages 9-11
    • Module D – pages 12-13
    • Module E – pages 14-17
    • Module F – pages 18-20
    • Module G – pages 21-22
  • The modules presented during Fall Conference are only the first half of the training. The rest of the training will be offered in a similar schedule on Monday-Tuesday, October 5-6. RSVP for the second half the training
  • Additional TWP trainings will be offered later this fall/winter with the intent to invite teams from congregations to participate. Dates and times (evenings) will be published at a later time.

Additional Resources and Recordings

From Rev. Tiffany Chaney Presentation

coming soon

From Sr. Kelly Marciales Presentation

Video – Know Your Why

Action Steps

  • Create a 30, 60, 90-Day Plan
    • Set a goal: How many one-to-ones?
    • Build a Team: Who else is affected by this problem?
    • Have a meeting: set goals
  • Research and learn more: Is this already being addressed in the community? Are there BIPOC leading or involved in this? Don’t replicate, support
  • Build public power by learning about the systems from local elected officials.
  • Is it time for action
    • Does the problem affect many people?
    • Is it immediate? (or is just sensationalized?)
    • Does the problem have someone who can fix it?
    • Is there a testimony?
    • Can the issue be easily explained in 2-3 sentences?

Bill Moyers – Dr. Khali Muhammad Video Interview (Tuesday afternoon) 


Portico information from Jennifer Prinz: 1:1 virtual or phone appointments – now available:  Check in with your Portico Regional Rep, Jennifer Prinz.  Need to check in on your ELCA Retirement Account? Ask a question about Annual Enrollment? Get a tutorial on how to use the ELCA-Primary Plan’s terrific stress-management and mental health support benefits? Click here link to sign up now to chat with Jennifer over the phone or virtually. More dates will be added in October and November, so if a time doesn’t work – keep checking or reach out to Jennifer directly at 563/650-4122 or [email protected]

September 27th Worship Resources

Both the full service and the sermon can be streamed directly from Vimeo or can be downloaded. To download click the link and then use the download button below the video player.

Full service (runtime 25 minutes) 

Sermon Only (runtime 14 minutes)