On Saturday, September 17, the Synod Council met at the Synod Center for Ministry in Iowa City. Following opening worship, the Council welcomed and oriented new members since elections at the May 2016 Synod Assembly. During this time the Council discussed the conflict of interest statement, the synod’s mission and vision as well as other council expectations. The executive committee recommended and council approved the appointment of Pastor Barbara Hayden to an unexpired term in Conference 5 and the election of Pastor Ryan Cosgrove to the Executive Committee of the council.  The council also received and acted on:

  • Roster changes including; changes in call, ordinations, consecrations, interim ministry, calls to other synod, leave from call, and retirements since the last meeting
  • Members to standing committee in the Finance Committee and Candidacy Committee
  • Approved the appointment of Lutheran Campus Ministry (ISU) board member
  • The Secretary’s Report, which included minutes from the 2016 Synod Assembly
  • The Bishop’s Report which highlighted staff updates and an update on the Campaign for the Southeastern Iowa Synod
  • The Treasurer’s Report, which included year-to-date financial information
  • The Vice President’s Report which highlighted the August 2016 Churchwide Assembly included a video presentation
  • Preview of constitutional changes that were approved at the Churchwide Assembly
  • An invitation to participate in the Oct. 6 anti-racism discussion at the Synod Center for Ministry
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