For Rostered Leaders from Bishop Burk

Dear Friends in Christ,

This is the time of the year that I begin receiving annual reports from rostered leaders. I actually look forward to their arrival. While the expectation of completing yet another form may seem burdensome to you, I hope you will think about how your reporting benefits me, and by extension, my colleagues who work on your behalf. These annual reports provide one more point of connection, helping me to know what’s going on in your life and ministry.

To be clear, we consider them to be reports to the bishop. So I am the one who reads them all as they come in. And on so many occasions they have prompted timely and helpful conversations with some of you.

This year’s Rostered Leader Report form can be accessed at this link. Click on the Synods tab and choose the form that matches your roster category and status. Hard copies may be mailed to me at the Synod Center in Iowa City, or better, emailed directly to me at [email protected]. (emailing to [email protected] will also work). I hope to receive your report no later than February 15, but should that deadline prove to be problematic, a late report is certainly better than no report.

Thank you in advance for submitting a summary of the highlights of your life and ministry, your joys and concerns. Knowing what energizes you and learning from you about specific hopes or needs, is essential to the gift of partnership that God has given us.

Blessings to you,


  1. January 21, 2014

    I can’t seem to get to a ‘synod tab’ when I click the link to write a rostered leader’s report. What do I do?



    • January 23, 2014

      Hi Susanne,
      When you click on the link and go to the resources page for the Office of the Secretary under the social media links there is a section with multiple tabs. The synod tab is the last one. Please give us a call in the office if you continue having problems with the link.

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