Ethics of Eating Event for Region 5
Thursday – Sunday, October 25-28, 2012

It may seem obvious that food is essential to our lives and communities. But what we see on our plates is part of a complex process that involves a confluence of lives, communities and systems. The Ethics of Eating event will explore the US food production and the global food distribution system as it relates to hunger, worker rights, and the environment. As people of faith, we approach the topic from a theological lens, while listening to those who are involved in this system for their livelihood. Join us as we will consider this topic through some hands on experience at a farm, a variety of speakers, and engaging discussion.

ELCA World Hunger is inviting approximately 25 participants from various contexts in the region to attend the Ethics of Eating event in the Rockford, IL area from Thursday, October 25 – Sunday, October 28, 2012. ELCA World Hunger will underwrite the cost of participation. To fully leverage ELCA World Hunger’s investment in this event, participants must commit to attendance at the entire Ethics of Eating event.
Application Due: Monday, September 17, 2012

For this event, participants will be drawn from Region 5, which includes the following synods:
5A – Metropolitan Chicago
5B – Northern Illinois
5C – Central/Southern Illinois
5D – Southeastern Iowa
5E – Western Iowa
5F – Northeastern Iowa
5G – Northern Great Lakes
5H – Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
5I – East-Central Synod of Wisconsin
5J – Greater Milwaukee
5K – South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
5L – La Crosse Area

Please email Henry Martinez ([email protected]) to request the Ethics of Eating application. Your completed application AND letter of support are due by September 17, 2012 if you wish to be considered for participation. Applicants will be notified of invitation decisions shortly thereafter. After September 17, applications will be approved on a rolling basis until all openings are filled.

After this event, each participant will:
1. Enrich their understanding of a just and sustainable food system, and gain perspective on a theological response to hunger.
2. Implement a follow-up project, action or activity.
3. Participate in the ELCA World Hunger Leader Network and online community.

If you have any questions, please contact Henry Martinez ([email protected]) or 773-380-2792).

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