Rostered Leaders gathered for the Bishop’s Day of Renewal for Rostered Leaders around the theme, “There’s Not Enough Time and Other Reasons for Spiritual Depletion.” Two back-to-back events were held November 29 and 30 in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. Over 100 rostered leaders of the Southeastern Iowa Synod participated.


Bishop Michael Burk lifts up renewal as a key value of the Southeastern Iowa Synod at the Bishop’s Day of Renewal event for Rostered Leaders. Jake Bouma (at right) provided music for worship.


Jill Farmer, Life Coach and author of “There’s Not Enough Time: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves” served as the keynote speaker, and helped participants understand how we can often subconsciously sabotage enormous amounts of time, even though it looks like we’re busy beyond belief.


“In order to care for others, we need to care for ourselves. But it seems there are too many obligations, commitments and unexpected circumstances that make it hard to commit to our own physical, spiritual and emotional health,” Jill stated.


Jill guided participants to learn how a minor shift in thinking can create “space” in busy lives. Through various tools, Jill taught the group of leaders how to tap into an unrecognized abundance of time to nourish body, mind and soul in a way that revitalizes and re-energizes ministry.


Bishop Michael Burk lifted up renewal as one of the key values of the Southeastern Iowa Synod. “In this synod, we are intentional about health and wholeness among leaders and entire communities of faith for the sake of bringing our best selves to Christ’s mission.”


The event was provided as a gift to rostered leaders in response to excellent participation in the annual Health Assessment over the last few years.  This assessment helps people identify areas where they have both healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns, and provides helpful information for those who want to work at addressing any health risks they face.

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