We are moving Forward Together to bolster our proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by increasing our capacity to partner with local congregations, regional ministries, new leaders, and new communities.

The 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly approved a $198-million-dollar campaign in support of new and expanded churchwide ministries. The Campaign for the ELCA, Always Being Made New, focuses on four ministry priorities to ensure the financial and ministerial health and expansion of churchwide services and programs.Synod-Campaign-Logo-for-web

The 2015 Southeastern Iowa Synod Assembly adopted a series of resolutions in support of the The Campaign for the ELCA while establishing a companion, $1.2-million-dollar campaign to support ministries of the Southeastern Iowa Synod.

Forward Together, the Campaign for the Southeastern Iowa Synod, reflects a commitment to the same priorities: congregations, leadership, hunger and poverty, and the global church.

This effort, concluding in 2019, builds on the rich legacy of this synod while moving forward together.

Congregations: We seek to support emerging and renewed faith communities in our synod. Creating and renewing our presence in places where mission needs outpace the local capacity.

Leadership: The ELCA Fund for Leaders is one of the many needed means by which we enhance the possibility of preparing enough candidates for ministry to meet the growing need. Gifts to the ELCA Fund for Leaders may be designated to support candidates from this synod.

Hunger and Poverty: We are an anti-hunger synod, we believe in not only feeding people but addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty. As the home of the World Food Prize and “breadbasket of the world,” we see ourselves as leaders in the goal of eradicating hunger in our synod and around the world.

Global Church: With the support of this campaign we will be able to continue and increase our ministry of accompaniment, walking in ministry together with the Pare Diocese and the Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Where Needed Most: We seek to use resources wisely and grow our capacity for ministry in southeastern Iowa and beyond. We will fund an endowment, reduce our debt, and make capital improvements to ensure long term stability and ministry.

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There are a variety of tools to help your congregation get in the spirit of The Campaign for the Southeastern Iowa Synod. There are reproducible print resources, video, bulletin inserts, poster, and more. Click here to see the toolkit!

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