A five-gallon bucket can save lives

Used for garden tools, sidewalk salt, water balloons or to feed to the chickens. You might have one laying around in the garage, basement or shed somewhere. The five-gallon bucket is a simple ubiquitous tool of Iowa life both urban and rural.  Here at the Office of the Bishop we have some blue five-gallon buckets with four simple words on them “The Water The Witness.”

We take for granted that we can quench our thirst at any water tap anytime without worrying about illness. Globally, 1 in 4 people – about 1.8 billion – drink from contaminated water sources. Water is essential. And the waters of baptism are a reminder of what this project is all about.

The Water and The Witness, the theme for the upcoming 2018 synod assembly, calls us to make the connection between the waters of our baptismal witness and the world’s water-related need.

Here is how it works. Buckets are available to any group or individual that will commit to raising or contributing at least $500 toward a special offering at the Southeastern Iowa Synod Assembly, May 18-19. ALL of that offering will support water ministries of the ELCA.

Once you’ve got your bucket… “personalize” it. Do to it whatever you want to help make the connection to your own ministry setting. Make it visible in your congregation. Share the story. Encourage support. Use it to collect a noisy offering. In other words, use it and then bring it (or send it) along with your offering to the synod assembly.

Your participation will change lives. It is not too much to say, your bucket can save lives.

To get started, contact Val Harlynn, Associate for Communication ([email protected]), fill out this online form, or talk with one of the assistants to the bishop. For that matter, go all out and email Bishop Burk ([email protected]). Together, we are all committed to help you help others (youth group, church choir, altar guild, family and/or friends) engage this effort to change/lives.

To be clear, there is no upper limit. If your $500 commitment turns into a $2500 offering, so much the better. Even if you don’t acquire a bucket you can be part of The Water and The Witness, a ministry of the Southeastern Iowa Synod – another reminder that we are #inthisTogether.

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