The current Bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, Michael Burk, has announced he will not be available for reelection at the end of his term in 2020.  A new bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod will be elected at the Synod Assembly to be held May 1-3, 2020 in Coralville, IA.

The election of a new bishop is a process by which a “pastor of the synod” is called. Similar to the process a congregation undertakes when calling a new pastor.

The Bishop Election Committee

The following people have been appointed to serve as the Bishop Election Committee for the 2020 Southeastern Iowa Synod Assembly:
Julie Feirer, Chair – St. Paul Lutheran Church, Winterset
Pastor Julie Higgs, Chaplain – Grace Lutheran Church, Adel
Britany Thorpe – Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Des Moines
Tyler Baars – Zion Lutheran Church, Muscatine
Pastor Josh Feala – Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Knoxville
Holly Knouse – St. Peter & St. Paul Lutheran Church, Monticello
Heather Miller, ex officio – Faith Lutheran Church, Clive

The Bishop Election Committee (not to be confused with the Elections Committee, which prepares and counts ballots), is responsible for shaping the time dedicated to the election of the next bishop of the Southeastern Iowa Synod. The committee’s work will include, but may not be limited to, gathering and distributing biographical information of the top 7 candidates, planning for how the assembly will engage and be engaged by the candidates, developing questions for candidates, working with the representative from the ELCA Churchwide Organization who will chair the election on behalf of the presiding bishop, and facilitating hospitality for those most directly involved with the process. This committee’s work will conclude with the election of a bishop.

Synod Ministry Profile

In order to assist the people of the Southeastern Iowa Synod to prepare for the election of a bishop in 2020, the Synod Ministry Profile Committee has created a description of the current status of ministry in and around this synod, noting in particular opportunities, challenges, and pressure points.

Synod Ministry Profile – One Page Front and Back

Synod Ministry Profile – Longer analysis (28 pages)

Bulletin Insert about the Bishop Election



The Election Process at Synod Assembly

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