How to Write a Resolution

One avenue of access for congregations, conferences, synod organizational units and voting members to address issues and propose a plan for action is the resolution. Resolutions help organize the work of the assembly by clarifying important issues or concerns. Resolutions are first reviewed by the reference and counsel committee, which will make recommendations to the assembly to facilitate its work, but the resolutions belong to the assembly and may be amended, rejected,  or adopted after consideration by the voting members. Resolutions may be submitted until 45 days prior to the first day the assembly meets.  Please read the  Writing a Resolution Guide 2018

For the 2018 Synod Assembly, resolutions must be in the synod office by April 3, 2018. Please send resolutions to:

Lorraine Jordan
Southeastern Iowa Synod
2635 Northgate Dr.
Iowa City, IA  52245

or at [email protected]

To see the resolutions submitted at the 2017 Synod Assembly click here.