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Summary of 2010 Synod Assembly

The theme for the Southeastern Iowa Synod’s Assembly, held May 21-22 at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, was “Their Eyes Were Fixed on Jesus”.

Based on Luke 4: 15-21 where Jesus read from Isaiah to the people in the synagogue in Nazareth, Bishop Michael L. Burk used the assembly’s theme
during the assembly’s worship service as a call to keep our focus on Jesus through the mission that holds us together to “preach the gospel to the poor”, “heal the brokenhearted”, “free those who are oppressed”, and to aid in the “recovery of sight to the blind.”

The assembly continued to “fix their eyes on Jesus” through faith stories videos from congregations across the synod that demonstrated God’s mission of serving others through congregational outreach such as food pantries, weeknight youth events, and community programs. In addition to the congregational faith stories, video reflections from Rev. Raphael Malpica-Padilla (Executive Director of Global Mission ELCA, Ann Svennungsen (President of Texas Lutheran University), and Deborah Ford (Director of Music at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Trenton, New Jersey) were promoted conversations amongst those attending assembly to answer the following questions:
• What does it mean to restore community through your congregation?
• Do you agree that as a community of institutions (congregations, synods, churchwide ministries, institutions and agencies) we need one another to provide the world a Lutheran proclamation?
• How does singing or bringing your voice to expression, contribute to the life of the church?”

In addition to videos and conversations, some of the other highlights from assembly included: the reception of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in North Liberty, IA as a new congregation in the synod; First Lutheran Church in Maquoketa, IA receiving the Dr. Richard Lee Peterman Good Steward Award of the ELCA for their work in sharing God’s love through stewardship; Bishop Allan Bjornberg from the Rocky Mountain Synod joining the assembly on behalf of the ELCA as the ELCA Churchwide Representative to the assembly, Saturday morning forums and activities, and the celebration of nine congregation anniversaries and over twenty ordination anniversaries.



Synod Council:
Pr. Kathryn Roys, Pr. Jack Mithelman, Claudia Genkinger, Pr. Shane Koepke, Dr. Phyllis Chang, Cathy Soppe, Eva Garloff

Discipline Committee:
Pr. Robert Bowlin, Pr. Sharon Worthington, Pamela Dettmann, Jane Lauer

Consultation Committee:
Pr. Randy Gehring, Todd Chelf

Churchwide Assembly 2011 Voting Members-Clergy:
Pr. Bill Bernau
Pr. Keith Larson
Pr. Carrie Lewis LaPlante
Pr. Lisa Parker
Pr. Vicki Pedersen
Pr. Erick Swanson
Pr. Ritva Williams

Churchwide Assemby 2011 Voting Members-At-Large
Freddy Miranda
Talia Wolken

Churchwide Assembly 2011 Voting Members-Lay
Jim Ellefson
Steve Fishwild
David Larabee-Zierath
Jim Schneider
Duane Suhr
Ruth Blom
Dr. Norma Hirsch
Elaine Haugen
Cheryl Hollich

For full text of resolutions, click here [Download not found]:
Resolution #1: Adopted
Resolution #2: Adopted
Resolution #3: Defeated
Resolution #4: Adopted
Resolution #5: Adopted
Resolution #6: Adopted
Resolution #7: Referred to Synod Council
Resolution #8: Referred to Synod Council
Resolution #9: Adopted

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