The Southeastern Iowa Synod is a network of congregations and ministry partners who are called to share God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Together, we are:

Gathered – We are gathered by God’s Spirit around Word and Sacrament, the means of grace. This gathering in worship is central to everything we do, informing and shaping all of ministry. Claimed  – We are claimed in baptism, connected to Christ Jesus and through  baptism into Christ, we are connected to one another. We need each other, and in Christ, we have each other. Sent  – We are sent into our local communities and beyond…sent to serve the neighbor, to share the Good News, and to invite others into a relationship with Jesus, who is hope for the whole world.

Together, we are:

An Anti-Hunger Synod – An “anti-hunger” approach to ministry begins with the assumption that the world is hungering for a reason to hope. In the Good News of Jesus Christ, we have bread for the world, where hunger manifests itself in many forms. We are called to move persistently toward the most profound need, which is why we are committed to:

  • Feeding hungry people
  • Fighting malaria
  • Advocating for people living in poverty
  • Raising up leaders of every age who are equipped to proclaim the same Good News with which we ourselves have been fed.

A Model of Accompaniment

Accompaniment: Walking together in solidarity, practicing interdependence and mutuality. Gifts, resources, and experiences are shared with mutual advice and admonition to deepen and expand all efforts within God’s mission.

“Accompaniment” describes the way God walks with us, and the way the church therefore walks and works together. Accompaniment is about supporting and holding one another accountable, toward the goal of proclaiming and embodying the love of God in Christ Jesus. Connection and genuine partnership throughout this synod increases the likelihood that God’s mission will come to rich expression.

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