The Southeastern Iowa Synod Council provides vision and direction for effective Gospel ministry.
By actively discerning God’s direction, the Synod Council will strengthen our partnerships and innovatively plan for the future.

The Synod Council gathered at the Synod Center for Ministry in Iowa City on Saturday,…

The Synod Council met on Saturday, February 12, over Zoom. Mark Witte led the devotions…

The Synod Council met Saturday, December 11 with a full agenda. For the education session,…

Synod Officers

Rev. Amy Current


Sara Hegg-Dunne

Synod Vice President

Jana Grimm


Kevin Mote

Synod Secretary

Synod Council Members

Pastor Rodney Bluml
Alan Fabel
Pastor Jodi Hinrichs
Jessica Hotchkiss
Pastor Timothy Jacobsen
Pastor Aleese Kenitzer
Rodney Kern
Abigail La Plante
Braden O’Connor
Justin Paul
Renee Sneitzer
Sue Stamm
Kalakla Yat