Mission: To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ!

Purpose Statement: The Southeastern Iowa Synod Women’s Organization, one of 65 ELCA synods in the USA, is a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, and the world.

Logo explanation: The symbol – with cross, water, and a white lily – identifies the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as children of God, baptized, forgiven, adopted into God’s family, full of grace and hope in eternal life. It is a reminder of the growth, beauty, and vitality that rises out of that life-giving baptism water. It is also a reminder of the mission of the church to “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

SWO Documents and Resources

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What is Justice Discipleship and Stewardship
SWO Policies

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We are continually updating the contact information on the units in Southeastern Iowa please fill out the following form to ensure we have the most up to date information Congregation Unit Form
  • Prayer shawls: SWO members make fleece blankets and prayer shawls that are given to adult patients and their families who are staying at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic. If you would like to make blankets or prayer shawls please download this Fleece blanket and prayer shawl resource guide that has been developed by the UIHC Spiritual Services Department.

Nominations needed

Please fill out the nominations form and send it to Karen Goedeken, 6400 North Glen Drive, Palo, Iowa 52324 by May 1, 2019.  The information will be included in the GPR. Nominees will be voted on at the Southeastern Iowa Women of the ELCA Gathering in Keokuk on Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22.  The Nominating Committee is seeking Executive and Board Position nominees for President (2-year term); Vice President (1-year term); Secretary (2-year term); four Board Members (2-year terms); and 3 Nominating Committee Members (1-year term).

Three voting members will also be elected for the Eleventh Triennial Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, which is July 14-16, 2020.   At least one voting member should be a woman of color or whose primary language is other than English. At least one voting member should be a woman who has not previously served as a voting member of a Triennial Convention.  The voting members will have their travel, hotel rooms, and meals at the Triennial Convention paid for. If the voting members attend the Triennial Gathering, which is July 16-19, 2020, they must pay for their own hotel rooms and meals.  The Triennial Convention is the highest legislative authority within the organization.

Today’s Dream: Tomorrow’s Reality

The Southeastern Iowa Synodical Women’s Organization is proud to introduce that we have Deb Husak as our TDTR educator.  Fall of 2013 she attended 3 days of intensive training with Inez Torres Davis and other members of the Today’s Dream: Tomorrow’s Reality (TDTR) network.  Inez is Women of the ELCA director for justice.  She supports Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality, our (WELCA) network of anti-racism educators and advocates.

Deb would love to share what she has learned with you and your group.  She is able to present the TDTR information. The church-wide office provides her with many different types of resources.   A TDTR presentation can be tailored to meet your needs.  The design for programs is very flexible and features a huge variety or options such as short sessions, longer sessions, brief overviews and challenging in-depth learning opportunities.  Bible Studies, videos, discussions, worksheets, handouts and interactive activities and exercises are all part of the program.

Deb is excited to be able to provide and share this information across the Southeastern Iowa Synod to your units and clusters.  She can also do presentations to other groups in your community; her topics cover all people in our communities.  Deb can be contacted at 641-484-2152.  Call her and create the perfect experience for your group.  She is looking forward to seeing what God has planned for Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality in our synod.

Officers and Board Members for 2018-2019


Ardy Proehl
Vice President:

Karen Miller

Virginia Eggers

Lynda Miller

Roberta Jurgersen


Carol Gruhn



Judy Munger
We Need you to fill this Spot

Lavon Heston

 Ramona Vonsprecken

Cluster Leaders

Cluster 1:
Marilyn Greene

305 West 5th St
Huxley, IA 50124
[email protected]Ardy Hines
1911 NW Elm Ln
Ankeny, IA 50023
[email protected]
Cluster 2:
Pat Kolpin

400 MCCellan
Tama, IA 52339
[email protected]
Cluster 4:
Vickie Admason

13482 Ramsey Rd
Anamsoa, IA 52205
[email protected]

Cluster 5:
Roberta Jurgersen
1025 N 4th St
Clinton, IA 52732
Carol Gruhn
700 17th Ave. N
Clinton, IA 52732
[email protected]
Cluster 6:
Norma Bailie
2610 North Division
Davenport, IA 52804
[email protected]
Cindee Schnekloth
21539 250th St.
Eldridge, IA
[email protected]

Cluster 8:
Delores Stigge
11465 N Gear Ave.
Burlington, IA 52601
Cluster 9:
Anita Simmons
1117 D Ave.
Albia, IA 52531
[email protected]
Cluster 10 and 11:
Lavon Heston
6300 School St. Apt. 309
Windsor Heights, IA 50324

[email protected]
2019 Gathering will be June 21 and 22 at First Lutheran Church in Keokuk, IA.

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Directions 2018 Summer

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