Prayers for May

The synod encourages congregations to continue praying during Sunday worship for the renewal of the church by praying for congregations of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, other synods, and people throughout the world.

May 7
Thank God for the sacrifice and gift of Jesus Christ in which we have life abundant given freely, new life that is trustworthy and true.

May 14
Mother’s Day: We ask God to strengthen and be with all mothers – biological, adoptive, foster and surrogate – in the daily joys and challenges of parenting, passing on the faith, protecting and guiding their children throughout life.

May 21
For the enduring presence of the Spirit with us and in us, we give thanks and ask for guidance and wisdom in loving God and following God’s word and commandments.

May 28
Give praise and thanks to God for the gifts of eternal life, faith and hope – undeserved as they are.

We also pray for…
The family and friends of the Rev. Alfred Walck.
The family and friends of the Rev. Ray Holmquist.
Kathy Smith and family for the death of her father.

For additional prayers please visit the  ELCA Prayer Center.