Prayers for August

The synod encourages congregations to continue praying during Sunday worship for the renewal of the church by praying for congregations of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, other synods, and people throughout the world.

August 6
When the disciples wanted to send hungry crowds away, Jesus said no, we can feed them. Ask God to stir our empathy, compassion and faith that, drawing on our collective resources and abundance, we have enough to share and will not turn away, ignore or disparage our neighbors who are hungry and in need.

August 13
Pray that when we are overcome by fear and terror, feel vulnerable and alone, helpless and ill-equipped, we remember and trust that God is everpresent, powerful and active in our lives and world.

August 20
Ask God to help us be persistent and faithful in prayer for our own lives and for the needs of the world.

August 27
Pray that when asked about our faith or who Jesus is, with the help of the Spirit, we reply enthusiastically in our own words ‒ imperfect or insufficient as they may be ‒ that Jesus is our Savior and the Son of the living God through whom we are loved, forgiven, opened to God’s word and ways, set free on a new path in life and promised eternal life.

We also pray for…

  • Pastor Carl Engstrom and family at the death of his mother, Myrtle Engstrom.
  • Pastor Tim and Cyndi Olson upon the death of Cyndi’s mother.

For additional prayers please visit the  ELCA Prayer Center.