Prayers for October
The synod encourages congregations to continue praying during Sunday worship for the renewal of the church by praying for congregations of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, other synods, and people throughout the world.

October 1
World Communion Sunday (Global Church Sundays) Each year, more than 225 ELCA missionaries, including Young Adults in Global Mission, serve in more than 40 countries around the world. We remember in our prayers and support these servants of Christ working alongside companion churches proclaiming the gospel, raising up leaders, caring for people in need and developing new ways of being church together.

October 8
Through baptism we are joined with Jesus, Son of God, our Savior and hope, and the community of all believers in a new life and reality grounded in the good news of forgiveness, mercy and salvation. Give thanks!

October 15
We pray that we are eager, articulate witnesses to God’s love and mercy, never hesitating to share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and strangers alike.

October 22
Often torn between the pressures to choose sides in society, politics, relationships and the world, pray that the Spirit works in us to remind us daily of our responsibilities in the world to one another, and that our ultimate loyalty is to God and God’s ways.

October 29
Reformation Sunday With humility and gratefulness, give thanks to God that we are justified and saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and that our salvation isn’t dependent on our actions, attitudes or quality of faith.

We also pray for…

  • Marcus Engelhardt upon the death of his mother.
  • Horst Hehr upon the death of his mother-in-law.
  • Pastor Bonnie Parker who is recovering after hospitalization.

For additional prayers please visit the  ELCA Prayer Center.